Police prepare to search landfill for transgender rapper's body


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police are getting ready to conduct a massive search at a local landfill to find the body of Ebony Young, a transgender rapper killed on New Year's Day. Five men are charged with homicide, and testimony from one of them led police to the dumpster where the body was dumped.

Ron Allen, Devin Seaberry, Billy Griffin, Victor Stewart and Ashanti Mcalister are facing first degree intentional homicide charges for the death of Ebony "Evon" Young. Criminal complaints say the men brutally beat and tortured the young woman.

Allen and Seaberry, men who allegedly strangled Young, made their first court appearance on January 24th.

Griffin accused Young of allowing people to burglarize the home they shared. That's what set off Stewart, Griffin's cousin,  and the other men off.

Police say this murder has nothing to do with the fact that Young was a woman living as a man.

The extensive search of a landfill is set to begin early January 28th.


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