Oak Creek mayor teams up with coalition of mayors to curb gun violence


by Chris Patterson

OAK CREEK -- Oak Creek Mayor Steve Scaffidi returned from his trip to Washington to talk gun control. Scaffidi says he went to our nation's capitol to hear some real solutions, and tells us progress was made.

Mayor Scaffidi was part of a special group of mayors that met, and discussed gun violence in America. "Sitting down face to face with that small group of five mayors was extremely constructive," he said.

The mayoral group included the mayors of Aurora, Colorado, Blackburg, Virginia, and Tuscon, Arizona. All three cities have had high profile shootings. Scaffidi says, "It's a club you don't want to be a part of, but there was a real comfortability with talking about the subject. The shock and initial grief of it, the response how your community deals with it."

Scaffidi is teaming with this small group of mayors to come up with solutions on the local level to deal with mental health issues. These are the changes local governments can help change. "I think all of us understand how important mental health is in all this. It touched all these shootings in these cities directly," says Scaffidi.



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