Nine firefighters on paid administrative leave, Alderman Hines says they should be let go


by Matt Doyle

Milwaukee -- "Very, very disappointed by their actions, obviously they are allegations but if founded to be true they definitely should be terminated," Alderman Willie Hines said.

Hines reacts to nine firefighters put on paid administrative leave.  They're accused of vandalizing the inside of Engine 32, as well as other inappropriate behavior.    Now their jobs could be in jeopardy pending an investigation.

"Unfortunately their despicable acts is a negative reflection of the department that does a great job."

Engine 32 sits in Alderman Hines' district.  It has a history of behavior problems.

In February, Milwaukee Police investigated reports of graffiti at Engine 32, but didn't make any arrests. 

Earlier this year - the fire department started an internal investigation after behavioral issues were raised at Engine 32.  The Captain retired during the investigation in late summer.  Then this past weekend, firefighters vandalized the inside.

"Question their maturity, question their committment to their job, you would question their professionalism," Hines said.

Chief Mark Rohlfing says he made the decision to transfer people out of Engine 32 after the investigation.  He says the firefighters knew of the transfer on Thursday - it took effect Sunday.

The fire department says it's fully staffed at Engine 32 so people in the area won't see any drop off in service.

"They've clearly put a black eye on the fire department and the entire city of Milwaukee based upon their stupid deeds."


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