Neighbors upset after group says "security threats" plague park


by Tiffany Tarpley

Milwaukee--Members of the Martin Drive Neighborhood Association are upset after a group promoting a concert this weekend claimed they had to postpone the event due to "security threats."

"That's alarming because neighbors work so hard to have events in the park," said Association Representative Raymond Duncan.  "All of that kind of disappears when there's a fear that there's crime in Washington Park or there's something bad happening."

Duncan is referring to a series of tweets the group, who appears to be hosting the event, posted.  They read in part that the "festival has been postponed due to security threats at Washington Park."  It goes on with, "We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused [but] we had no control over this, it was the city & Sheriff's dept. decision."

CBS 58 reached out to the event organizers but they have not responded to our questions.  A spokesperson for the Milwaukee Police Department said they are unaware of any safety threats at Washington Park.  Late Saturday night a spokesperson for the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office responded in an email saying she was informed "by patrol that county parks pulled their permit because they did not pay the required fee. Our office was not part of that nor do we have security issues in the park that would prohibit events from being held."

Duncan said he wants people to be aware, Washington Park is safe. "Just be honest because now there's more problems because the truth wasn't told," he said.

The group has since made it's tweets private and changed it's website.


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