Mystery boy who made police donation identified

surveillance cameras captured his act of kindness


by Michele McCormack

GREENFIELD-A young local boy's act of kindness and generosity is caught on camera.

He walked into the Greenfield Police Department just days after the 9-11 anniversary and dropped off $10.03.

He told the clerk he wanted to donate money to the police and simply walked out.

The department went public with the gesture of kindness, calling the sentiment behind it priceless.

The Department has since learned the mystery donor is an 11 year old boy named Max.

He gave the money in memory of his grandfather, a Milwaukee Police Officer who was killed in the line of duty.

On the department's facebook page, Greenfield police thanks Max for his donation and his grandfather for his sacrifice.

The little boy had apparently taken his bike to the police station, not even his parents knew what he was up to.

Now the entire community does.


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