Mom wants answers after she says kids were dropped off at wrong bus stop


by Tiffany Tarpley

MOUNT PLEASANT -- A local mother reached out to CBS 58 to get answers after she said her two young children were dropped off at the wrong bus stop.

"It was a mistake but still something could've happened," said Teresa Steph.

Steph lives on Newman Road where there is no sidewalk.  It's near a shopping center. Her sons Nicholas, 6, and Anthony, 7, said they got off the bus about two blocks from home, Tuesday afternoon.  The boys said the bus driver asked if it was their stop and they said 'yes.' After this, it's something they said they will never do again. The boys are normally dropped off at their driveway.

Although the boys said they weren't nervous, their mother was very concerned. "They could've gotten hit by a car, they could've gotten kidnapped we have a shopping center across the street, lots of people," said Steph. "I was really uncomfortable." 

Steph said she was told the bus driver that day was a substitute but a representative  for the company was unable to confirm that information with CBS 58 News. However, Durham Spokesperson, Blaine Krage explained over the phone that their GPS tracking system showed the bus dropped the boys off at the driveway next door. The driver watched the kids walk to their driveway and Krage said the kids were safe at all times.

Still, Steph isn't so sure they were dropped off next door."I didn't hear the bus, I didn't see the bus," she said.  "I asked them were they dropped off next door they said no, they were dropped off further down."


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