Alexis Patterson's mother finds 'confirmation' in Cleveland case


by Tiffany Tarpley

MILWAUKEE--The rescue of three Cleveland, Ohio women held in captivity for about a decade, reaffirms a local mother's belief her missing child will come home too.

"That was confirmation from God," explained Ayanna Patterson.  "I knew that was going to happen.  I know that she's coming home.  I know that for a fact."

Patterson's daughter Alexis went missing 11 years ago this month.  She was just 7-years-old at the time.

"I have never lost my faith that my child is coming home and that I will see my child again, said Patterson.  "I will die saying I'm going to see her again."

Patterson said the Milwaukee Police cold case detectives working her daughter's case have been great.

She has a message for her daughter: stay strong.  "Just keep praying and talking to God Alexis.  Keep praying baby because you will be home."

Patterson also hopes and prays God will touch the hearts of anyone with information that will lead to her daughter's safe return.

"If you know where Alexis is and you know who she is and you're afraid to tell someone because you feel like someone's going to hurt you, don't be afraid," she pleaded.  "God knows your heart and you will be doing the right thing by letting her go and by telling someone where she is."

If you have any information that may lead to the whereabouts of Alexis Patterson call Milwaukee Police at (414) 935-1212


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