Milwaukee police fatally shoot suspect armed with knives


by Tiffany Shepherd
by Elizabeth Fay

MILWAUKEE-- The Milwaukee Police Department is investigating an officer-involved shooting.

Police said that this is the second time in a week that they were forced to use deadly force when a knife wielding suspect advanced toward officers.

The most recent incident happened around 10:00 p.m. Saturday near 71st Street and Cleveland.

Officers were responding to a report of a suspect who had armed himself with two knives and was trying to kill a family member.

When officers arrived they found the suspect outside armed with knives.

Officers demanded that the suspect drop the knives. Milwaukee Police say the suspect ignored the officers orders and advanced toward them. One officer fired his handgun and struck the suspect.

The Milwaukee Fire Department treated him, but he died on the scene.

The suspect is a 46-year-old Milwaukee man who police said has a criminal history for violence against his family. Richard Nowicki says the man who was killed, is his son, Chris Nowicki. Richard Nowicki says he called police after his son threatened him and ripped his jacket with a knife. He says his son walked outside holding knives in his hands to meet the officers.

Richard Nowicki says he watched his son and police from his porch and heard the officers demand Chris Nowicki to drop the knives. However, he says his son never charged at the officers.

"He stood immobile like he was frozen," says Nowicki. That's why he questions the use of deadly force. "If somebody from that police department could tell me, and give me and honest to God answer why they had to kill him, I'd appreciate that."

The officer who shot the suspect is a 47-year-old male with almost 21 years of service with the Milwaukee Police Department.

While this incident is under investigation the officer has been placed on administrative duty, which is standard procedure.


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