EXCLUSIVE: Milwaukee Mom Talks About Giving Birth In Car


by Elizabeth Fay

MILWAUKEE -- Newborn Jaiden Pierce rests peacefully in his mother's arms. He was eager to come into the world but when his Mother, Judy Johnson, 24, headed to the hospital Tuesday morning, her doctor told her. "Take a warm bath. The baby will be here in a couple of days," explains Johnson.

So the Milwaukee mom, her mother and boyfriend got back on I-94, just in time for rush hour. That's when baby Jaiden decided, it was time.

"I was like the baby is coming!" says Johnson.

In the passenger seat, just off the highway near Becher and South 4th Street in Milwaukee, Johnson had her fourth child.

The baby's grandmother frantically jumped out of the car and screamed for help. That's when a Milwaukee Police squad car pulled up and police rushed to the family.

Officer Chad Stiles a trained EMT and registered nurse used his pocketknife to cut the umbilical cord. "On the street as a police officer your trying to grab whatever you can in the environment to make things work medically," says Officer Sties.

As the chilly air blew into the car, Johnson worried about her and her son's health. "The baby was getting more purple. He was shaking. Yea he cried when they cut the cord but then I got worse," she says.

Fortunately, ambulances were already on the way. After a two day stay in the hospital, mom and son are happy and healthy, with an incredible story to tell. "I can't believe all that happen, but it did!"


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