Marquette's Athletic Director and Coach Speaks Out on Nightclub Incident

several basketball players cited


by WDJT Editor
by Michele McCormack

MILWAUKEE-The Athletic Director for Marquette University issued a statement Tuesday after reports surfaced that several basketball players were cited for underage drinking at a downtown Milwaukee nightclub.

CBS 58 News has confirmed that 6 player were ticketed including junior Jake Thomas, sophomores Vander Blue and Jamail Jones and freshmen Todd Mayor, Juan Anderson, and Derrick Wilson.

They were cited January 29th for being in the "Apartment 720" Club.

The tickets weren't handed out until last week.

From Larry Williams, Marquette University Vice President and Director of Athletics:

"We were aware of this incident shortly after it occurred. We cooperated with the Milwaukee Police Department and referred the players involved to the University's Student Conduct System, as would be the case for any Marquette student. Discipline was imposed through the team, the Athletic Department and the university. Since we have dealt with this issue, none of this prevents any of our players from participating in the NCAA tournament. We are looking forward to Thursday's game."


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