Local Red Cross Volunteer is "Hooked" on Helping Victims


by Elizabeth Fay

MILWAUKEE-- Retired Nurse Linda Arnold is hooked on helping disaster victims. "They are so appreciative and that's what keeps me coming back," she says.

Arnold left Milwaukee Saturday morning and headed to storm-damaged areas in Oklahoma to join hundreds of other American Red Cross volunteers. This is her 18th deployment with the America Red Cross. She will offer disaster-relief and medical care to storm victims as well as people trying to help.

"There are a lot of people out there who are missing medications, missing medical equipment. I understand there is a lot of itching going on because there is a lot of insulation in the air. The people who are doing the cleanup, they get hurt doing that."

Her trip is expected to last three weeks. "If I have one person who says you made a difference to me, whatever time I've spent was absolutely worth it."


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