Laid off Golden Guernsey workers find hope for employment


by WDJT Editor

PEWAUKEE -- It has been an all too familiar scenario in the last several years as we see more local families left to pick up the pieces and somehow start over after the loss of a job.
 Former Golden Guernsey employees are now faced with those trying circumstances and they're finding help with the Waukesha, Ozaukee, Washington Workforce (WOW) Development Inc. and the Department of Workforce Development.
On Wednesday, laid off employees of the folded dairy plant headed to a "Rapid Response" session at the WOW Workforce Development offices in Pewaukee. More than 80% of the plant's former workforce signed up for a session, including expecting mother, Emily Held. She worked at the plant for seven years and suddenly finds herself searching for work and health insurance for herself, husband and unborn baby.
"Finding a job is one thing, but finding insurance is my number one priority," says Held.
 She and her former colleagues are learning about everything from collecting unemployment to interviewing skills.

"Anything that a person needed to look for work, they were given that help today and will get that help on going," says Sheila Knox, a DWD Job Service Director.

During Wednesday's session Held found out she and her baby can count on BadgerCare for health insurance, a huge relief for her family. "That's one less thing for me to worry about," says Held.
Other Golden Guernsey job seekers also found a reason to stay optimistic . The President of WOW Development Inc., Francisco Sanchez says 18 companies already expressed interest in the plant's workforce, so the agency is planning a job fair to put the former dairy plant employees back to work. "I do project that there is going to be a good number of hires," says Sanchez .

The job fair is only for former Golden Guernsey employees and is scheduled for January 25th at the Waukesha County Technical College.


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