Italian Racing Sausage kidnappers face punishment


by Tiffany Shepherd

CEDARBURG-- The two people accused of kidnapping the Brewers' Italian Racing Sausage Guido have been fined.

The two suspects were brother and sister.

32-year-old Kristin Moze of Cedarburg and 26-year-old Timothy Forrer of Mequon were charged with a city ordinance for disorderly conduct.

They were ordered to pay a fine of $429.

They also have to pay $390.70 for restitution for the cleaning and repairing of the costume as well as the duffel bag that held the costume, which was never recovered.

Guido was returned a few days after he went missing in February.

The suspects sent a an apology for the crime and according to the Cedarburg Police Department the suspects stated an interest in making a donation to a local food pantry.




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