Derek Williams Inquest Day 3: Jury hears testimony from Williams' girlfriend


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- It was an emotional day during the Derek Williams inquest as Williams' mother and girlfriend both took the stand. Williams is the man who died in the back of a police squad car two summers ago.

The jury has to determine whether the officers actions or lack of action could have saved Williams life, but even with these proceedings it's still not clear exactly what happened the night Williams died.

Sharday Rose says she walked straight up to the squad where Williams was cuffed and pleading for help. She said, "He was just moving back and forth side to side, and he was yelling he couldn't breathe".

Rose says a Milwaukee police officer asked her a question and minutes later the yelling stopped. "I actually walked to the car with him. When he opened the door I seen Derek with his head back and mouth open," said Rose.

During her testimony, Rose said several officers laid Williams on the ground and tried to revive him.

Tyron Mathis was with Williams the night he died. He said they were walking to get snack and cigarettes when Williams spotted a couple. Mathis says, "He run across Center, put his arm around the girl police turns around, he's out of his shooes and I see him no more..."

Evidence photos showed a t-shirt caught on a fence, a cell phone and metal pipe in the area. There are lingering questions about exactly how they got there, and what happened before Williams ended up in the back of that squad car.


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