Hundreds march through downtown Milwaukee protesting Zimmerman verdict, rallying for justice


by Lane Kimble

If you didn't see them Sunday, you likely heard them.

Hundreds of people gathered to protest Saturday night's verdict in the George  Zimmerman trial.

"Treat us like we're human beings," one protester said.

"We don't want to keep burying our sons, we don't want to be treated like animals," another said.

The group met on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive near Vine Street, but it didn't stay there for long.  The protest rally turned into a protest march, covering dozens of city blocks and shutting down busy downtown intersections.

"I think with a  crowd this size and the heightened emotional state of everybody in this crowd, you're forced to take it more seriously than you otherwise would," marcher Telice Gillom said.

Gillom was one of many who spoke to the crowd. She made it clear, this rally was about more than  just Trayvon Martin.

"This country has a history of other cases just like it," Gillom said.  "And until we start treating each other like  human beings and not preconceived notions of what people are based on what you think they look like,  this will keep happening."

Some of those cases come from right here in Wisconsin.  Marchers spoke for Derek Williams, Bo Morrison  and Darius Simmons.  All three were black men and boys who were either shot by white men or died in police custody.

"Not nobody, nobody deserves that," marcher Kenneth Gordon said.

Gordon says he knows how it feels to be profiled.

"It makes you paranoid most of the time," Gordon said.  "Like you want to look around all the time, all of that.  I keep looking back because I don't know what might happen."

Many marchers hope rallies like Sunday night's will put the city, state and nation on the right track.

"I think people should get involved not just in marches and rallies, I think people should take this message and make it cause them to act," Gillom said.


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