Helping homeless Vets in Milwaukee


by John Cuoco

MILWAUKEE- The Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative has been helping veterans for the past five years.

They just celebrated their five-year-anniversary the week of July 4th.

Those are the people we have served since 2008 -- more than 1,000 veterans and their families.  We seek out and help those who are currently homeless.  We also do homelessness prevention, to help those who are only one misfortune away from losing their homes.  They could slip into homelessness without the support they receive from us and others.

Our programs grow, change, and adapt to meet their needs.

Those veterans need our help -- and they deserve it.  

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Since 2008, MHVI has been helping vets transition from treatment at the VA to living on their own in apartments.

They give the vets any kind of home furnishings they may need to live a normal live.

The group does this with generous donations from the community.

According to MHVI, one in every four homeless persons in Milwaukee is a veteran and at any given time there are 300 to 400 homeless vets on any given day.

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