Heat makes most Harley riders ditch traditional leather


by Lane Kimble

MILWAUKEE -- You might expect to find most Harley riders clad in leather this weekend.  But Friday, many of those riders shed the traditional garb.

At the House of Harley on Layton, many bikers opted for T-shirts and cutoffs over the usual black leather.  One of the vendors even had a sale going on - 50 percent off all leather - although they said it had nothing to do with the heat. 

Riders from Wisconsin, Iowa,Indiana, even Texas - where it gets a lot hotter than this - said it's way too hot to put leather on.  But some die-hards never ride without it.

"It actually seems to keep you a little cooler," Iowa-native Tim Miller said.  Miller and his wife Cindy said they rode in with full leather gear on.   "It keeps the sweat in and when it evaporates it cools you off."

"Usually if it's in the 50s or lower, I'll wear leather," Indiana-native Landon Yoder said.  "Other than that, it's just a sweatshirt, a vinyl jacket."

"Oh yeah, i wouldn't do it," Texas rider Roy Duke said.  "I wouldn't do it.  I've been riding since high school and i would never ride in the summer like this with leather."

Afternoon rain doesn't scare most of these riders either.  Harley riders said they're used to cruising through the elements.



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