Gov. Walker responds to Capitol threat, touts State of the State goals


by Matt Doyle

HARTFORD -- Governor Scott Walker spoke to employees at Steel Craft Corporation in Hartford to start a statewide tour Wednesday.

However it was hard to get away from last night's bomb threat.  Governor Walker said he was knew about the "credible threat" before the man came into the Capitol.

The Governor says he tries not to let it affect him.

"I don't do anything irrational when it comes to public safety," Gov. Scott Walker said.  "But by the Same token, obviously like here today and other places, I don't let it affect my public schedule.  I'm still going to get out and see the citizens of this state but we're just not going to be reckless in how we do it."

Walker's speech mirrored Tuesday night: creating more jobs, part of that through mining, developing the state's workforce, improving transportation infrastructure, and reforming educations.

He spoke of that just after Steel Craft Corporation announced plans to expand this spring.

Gary Wendorff
President/Owner, Steel Craft Corp.

"We're going to embark on a 70,000 square square foot addition," Steel Craft Corporation Owner and President Gary Wendorff said.   "With the plant and equipment the total investment will be approaching $7 million dollars."

Wendorff believes it could create about 50 more jobs in Hartford. 

After leaving Hartford, Governor Walker headed north to Green Bay on his state tour.


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