Gov. Walker Announces $6.4B Investment in Transportation System


by Sandra Torres

PEWAUKEE-- Governor Scott Walker announced a major investment today in transportation infrastructure that will provide jobs for many Wisconsinites.

"The state is going to invest $6.4 billion dollars into the Transportation system in Wisconsin," said Gov. Walker while visiting the International Union of Operating Engineers in Pewaukee.

The Governor says the transportation system in the state is crucial for manufacturers and other core industries to thrive in Wisconsin.

The investment will directly affect two major projects in Southeastern Wisconsin: the Zoo Interchange and Hoan Bridge projects.

$550 million dollars will be allocated toward the Zoo Interchange, and $236 million will go towards the Hoan Bridge, according to the Governor.

Walker adds this is an investment that will help keep those projects on schedule, but most importanly, it will create jobs.

Jim Muckerheide, who is an Operating Engineer, and a union member from Local 139, says the announcement came in as a big relief.

"It's wonderful, just to think of all the guys that will be back at work. Just me personally, to see a 40 hour week again. I haven't had a 40 hour week since last summer," said Muchkerheide.

The money will also be used to improve harbors on Wisconsin's Lakes and Rivers, as well as Freight Rail Service.


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