Froedtert Reviewing Computer Security Measures


by Matt Doyle

A virus may have allowed someone to access Froedtert Health patient files back in December through a staff member's computer.

The company released a statement saying:  "The risk to these patients is small, but notifying them is the right thing to do. We're very sorry for any concerns this may cause. Unfortunately, such computer attacks are increasingly common, affecting organizations worldwide. We are reviewing our information security practices to help prevent this from happening again."

Information could include names, addresses, birthdays, health insurance information, and some social security numbers.

"There are loopholes and backdoors that people can get into a system," Alpha Geeks owner Tom Karakis said.

Karakis works on computer security every day.  He says large providers should be reviewing security all the time

"One of the major causes of virus activity on a computer is outdated software on a computer," Karakis said.

Froedtert says its continually updating its virus protection, but acknowledges hackers are becoming highly sophisticated.


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