Lapse in security for Froedtert Hospital computers


by Becky Mortensen

MILWAUKEE --- Froedtert Hospital says that a computer virus may have allowed an unauthorized person to access patient files back in December.

According to a press release the hospital learned about the hacking on December 14th. The hospital worked with a computer forensics company to investigate the breach of the system.

The investigation took several weeks and it has been concluded that no patients financial or medical records have been accessed or affected.

"I want to emphasize the risk to these patients is small, but notifying them was the right thing to do," Kathy Sieja the Media Relations Director for Froedtert said in a statement.

Letters were mailed to about 43,000 patients making them aware of the system breach.

Froedtert has since updated its computer virus protection and is reviewing their security practices.


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