Fox River crests, should slowly start to recede


by Matt Doyle

Town of Wheatland -- The Fox River crested early Saturday morning. But, that doesn't mean residents near the river will see the water recede any time soon. It could take more than a week until it starts to get back to normal.

"Yeah this is actually really bad," Robert Van Horn said.

"This is horrible. My car shouldn't look like this. Our yard shouldn't look like this. Any of this," Nicholas Billegas said.

The water overtook homes and cars. Streets are flooded over. Roads are closed.

"Highway 50's blocked off because of the flooding," Billegas said.  "Have to go all the way around Silver Lake to get anywhere we need to get. It's ridiculous."

So ridiculous that he's moving.

"Packing. Getting stuff out of the house. We're out of here."

Some decide to pack up and go. Others will wait it out like every year.

"Yeah it's pretty bad. But you know what, what can you do about it?," Van Horn said.

Van Horn plans to stay.  He's already planning the cleanup celebration.

"You can tell there's already some trash in it from other people's yards and the river and all that stuff. We'll have to clean up. We get sticks, so we'll have bonfires."

The National Weather Service says the river should fall below major flood stage Monday night around 7:00 p.m. It won't fall below moderate flood stage until later next week.


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