Former Deaconess employees rally on Milwaukee's East Side, demand paychecks


by Matt Doyle

Milwaukee -- Former Deaconess Home Care workers rallied outside the home of Lazarus Bonilla, the company's owner. 

They marched on North Prospect Avenue on Milwaukee's east side, demanding the paychecks owed to them.  The company abruptly closed in mid-April.

The state suspended payments to Deaconess in mid-April when it found out the company was being investigated by the Federal Government for possible fraud.

Sarah Ruiz worked there for 12 years, she's owed more than $2,000.

"They closed the doors on us," Ruiz said.  "So we're here to fight. We want our money back. We want them to pay what they owe us. Not only for us, but for all the other home health workers - we want justice done."

We tried to contact Larazus Bonilla personally, but did not hear back.


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