Is farming the fields encouraged or not?


by Tiffany Shepherd

OCONOMOWOC--This is the week many area farmers have been waiting for.  They're finally planting in the fields. And apparently not a minute too soon.

Most of the farmers are actually running at least several weeks behind schedule, and with the erratic weather lately, they can't take anything for granted.  

Farmer Bob Miller is very focused on fertilizing and planting his corn.  He has hundreds of acres to tend to, and he's hoping Mother Nature will be on his side. Last year, he says, he had a false sense of security.  Everything seemed to be going fine at least to start and then the drought hit.

And while the forecast isn't always dependable, what he's using in the field is.  His beloved tractor actually has tracks on it to help distribute the weight and make cultivating easier and more effective.  

Miller does say if the weather does turn bad for an extended period of time, he does have crop insurance in case he needs it.  



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