Family of Derek Williams react to no charges filed against officers


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee County Special Prosecutor John Franke told the family of Derek Williams he didn't have enough evidence to prosecute officers for the death of Derek Williams. The family reacted to news of this the next day outside Franke's downtown office.

Maeleen Jordan calls Special Prosecutor John Franke's decision not to pursue misdemeanor charges against three Milwaukee police officers disappointing. She's been fighting for justice for her great nephew, Derek Williams, since 2011.

An inquest jury found enough evidence to recommend charges, and the family believes the voice of the people is being ignored. Community Activist Tory Lowe says, "When you get a jury to come back, and say there's liability and one man can stop the voice of the jury then what do you do?"

Jordan says, "It's like they get a pat on the wrist no matter. Beating up women in the back seat, killing James Perry, the old man with Darious Simmons. So many wrongs and we as a people will have to change that."

The Williams family says Franke told them he didn't think there was enough evidence to convict the officers who allegedly did nothing to help Derek Williams as he begged for help after not being able to breathe.

The federal government is looking into patterns and practices at the Milwaukee Police Department following Williams death. The family is counting heavily on federal charges.


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