John Doe investigation to begin Tuesday into Nathan Hale student's death


by Michele McCormack

WEST ALLIS---Last December 16-year-old Corey Stingley was killed on the floor of a convenience store after allegedly attempting to steal beer. Three customers held the teen to the ground while they waited for authorities to arrive. By the time they got there, Stingley was dead. Today, a John Doe investigation will begin into the teen's death.

Friends and family of the Nathan Hale High School student believe vigilantes killed the teenager.

They gathered outside V.J.'s convenience store Monday night demanding charges be brought against the three men who held him down.

Stingley's family claims the customers held the teen in a choke hold, he then collapsed and died.

Some who gathered suspect their actions were racially motivated. They are hopeful that the John Doe probe will result in criminal charges.

"It shouldn't take six months for the D.D. and the justice system to work," Craig Stingley, Corey's father, told CBS 58 News. "We've been patient. But we want justice. These three men took my son's life on the floor of that store and many people stood by and watched it happen."

Investigators acknowledge that they detained and interviewed three men. But have not commented on why there were no charges.



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