Family and friends walk for Owen


by Matt Doyle

Milwaukee -- The 36th edition of this event shows its longevity.  But at this point it's the stories about why people are walking or running which make it so special."

"We're actually walking for Owen," Gary Gawryleski, Owen's dad, said.

It doesn't bother four-year-old Owen Gawryleski.

"When he was born he had a congenital heart defect."

He acts like any four-year-old.

"He started school a few weeks ago. He runs around and he plays."

More than 30 people walked to honor him Saturday.

"We're just supporting him," Gawryleski said.   "And all the other kids that need to go to Children's Hospital so it's great to have that in our backyard."

Owen will likely have surgery in his teenage years to have a heart valve replaced.  So it's easy to see why this group wants to support Children's Hospital.  Noelle Matkovich works with Gary. She seen the challenges the famliy faces.

"Just seeing him grow these last three years is really great."
"He's just such an active and wonderful little boy."

The family says the support they've received is incredible.

"It's amazing the support we get now. It's been four years and we've raised close to $25,000 for Owen and Children's Hopsital."

The  group said they plan to come back for a fifth year next year.


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