Doctor rules mother who threw baby on concrete "not competent"


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE COUNTY -- Milwaukee mother Jasmin Oliver was deemed not competent to face trial. Oliver is accused of dropping her infant, face first, on the concrete. She's charged with battery, two counts of child abuse, and abandonment.

According to the criminal complaint, 22-year-old Jasmine Oliver was seen standing next to her one-year-old daughter as she was faced down on the concrete on February 12th. A neighbor told police Oliver was talking on her cell phone while standing next to her daughter.  The child was lying motionless on the ground while Oliver carried on her conversation.

The complaint goes on to say a neighbor observed Oliver picking up her one-year-old daughter by her coat and throwing her face first into the concrete. The complaint says the child didn't move after being thrown to the ground. The neighbor says Oliver then picked up a shoe and threw it at the motionless toddler.

The neighbor observing this incident says Oliver began walking away from her daughter, and that's when he ran across the street and picked up the girl. He allegedly yelled to Oliver saying, "Why are you leaving your baby?" The complaint says Oliver ignored the neighbor.

The neighbor told police the child was bleeding from her face when he picked her up. He allegedly knocked on the door of the home Oliver left, but got no answer. The neighbor then took the one year old to his home.

Oliver allegedly called her ex-boyfriend, a man she has other children with. The ex-boyfriend is not the father of the abused one-year-old girl. Oliver allegedly told him, "I'm leaving the baby here outside your house. I can't take it no more." The ex-boyfriend told police Oliver hung up on him, and received a call from neighbors telling him police were at his house.

According to Milwaukee police, Oliver approached a squad car to tell officers she could no longer handle her one-year-old baby. After telling police she didn't want her baby anymore, officers asked Oliver where the baby was. She told police, "I left her."

When officers went to find the one year old they found her with the neighbor who picked her up off the ground. The child was transported to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. The complaint says the child stopped breathing during her ride in the ambulance, and was resusitated by paramedics.

Doctors at Children's Hospital found  the child had extensive facial bruising, and a swollen upper lip. They also found evidence of a history of severe child abuse after examining the baby. A doctor told police, "It is critically important that this child be protected as she is at risk of further injury and death if returned to the abusive environment."

Police say Oliver was uncooperative with investigators. She allegedly told police they were "trippin", and that this was all "bogus". She told a Milwaukee police detective, "I just popped my baby in the mouth. How is that a m-----f----n felony!"

If convicted on the four charges, she could face 12 and a half years in prison. The judge ordered Oliver be examined by the Department of Health Services. Oliver will appear in court to hear the doctor's report on May 15th at 1:30 p.m.


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