MILWAUKEE -- 77-year-old John Spooner has been found guilty Wednesday of First Degree Intentional Homicide in the murder of 13-year-old Darius Simmons.

A second phase of the trial has finished up that could change where the 76 year old could end up spending the rest of his day.

During the second phase of testimony,   psychiatrist called to the stand by the defense testified by saying that Spooner simply snapped after his wife's death and the deterioration of the south side neighborhood. 

Spooner was the victim of several burglaries and believed Darius Simmons was involved with at least one of them. Court documents state the Spooner confronted Simmons with a firearm as the teen attempted to pull a garbage bin from the street curb.

It was revealed in court that the act had been caught on video by one of Spooner's personal surveillance cameras, and the video was shown in court of Spooner shooting the 13-year-old boy to death. Video of Spooner's interrogation with police was also shown in court and in it, Spooner admits to shooting the 13-year-old because he wanted his guns back.

Patricia Larry, the mother of the victim, gave a testimony after witnessing the violent act and said, "He told him he was going to teach him not to steal, and he shot him." 

Spooner's verdict is final. First degree intentional homicide, but whether he is sent to mental health complex or prison, is still pending the testimony of two more medical experts expected to testify on Thursdays.

Also, according to the defense, John Spooner may testify on his own behalf when the second phase continues Thursday.