City of Milwaukee Braces for Flooding


by Elizabeth Fay

MILWAUKEE -- Crews with the City of Milwaukee Department of Public works spent Tuesday responding to more than 140 reports of flooding and pounding.

These calls came in even before the day's heavy rainfall began. Crews at 55th St. and Congress St. in Milwaukee says sewers lined with litter caused standing water.

They scrapped off debris and garbage from the drain, sucked out anything clogging the sewers and made a clear path for water to flow. That's the response they carried out around the city to prevent flooding.

Near 28th Street and Hampton Avenue, crews replaced an old storm inlet. "We are putting in a bigger system that can hold more what that helps prevent the flooding," says Sewer Repair Crew Leader, Tracy Burris.

Crew leader, Tracy Burris says these upgrades are part of an ongoing process to keep the system up to date.

This replacement comes just in time, as we expect boughs of heavy rain to fall into tomorrow. If you see signs of flooding and want to report them to the City of Milwaukee you can call (414) 286-CITY.


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