"Brewers on Deck" a Hit with Fans


by WDJT Graphics

MILWAUKEE -- More than 50 big names from the Brewers Baseball Team met with dedicated fans at the Delta Center in Milwaukee for the annual fan festival, Brewers on Deck.

Star players like pitcher, Yovani Gallardo and left fielder, Ryan Braun signed autographs and posed for pictures.

"It's fun because you can really see the joy, the excitement on their face. I remember being in their shoes, in their position. For me to be able to positively influence their day, it's something that's a lot of fun for me," says Braun.

"It's a good feeling to see the fans before the season that is right around the corner," adds Gallardo.

The team heads to Arizona for spring training which starts next month. CBS 58's Elizabeth Fay takes us inside the Delta Center for the fan festival.


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