Racine father and son charged for beating 17-year-old with bat


by Felicia Rodriguez

RACINE COUNTY - If convicted both a father and a son will be charged on 3 counts of physical child abuse and one count of criminal damage to property.

Kevin Schram, 19 and his father chased a 17 year old boy and his three friends when
they tried to get Kevin to come out of his home to fight.

Since Kevin did not come out to fight the boys they had left but were then called back by Kevin's father.

Once the boys had arrived back to Kevin's home about 20 people were waiting for them.
They tried to leave but Kevin and his father blocked them with their cars.

The victim was hit in the head by a baseball bat and beaten by Kevin outside his car and Kevin's father had tried to pull another boy out from the car by bashing his head into the window.

The whole story has not been revealed yet and so Kevin and his father will be back in court April 4th.


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