Bomb threat temporarily closes West Milwaukee Walmart


by Chris Patterson
by Matt Doyle

WEST MILWAUKEE -- A bomb threat cleared the Walmart near 41st and Greenfield Ave., leaving employees and shoppers to watch as police work to clear the building. Law enforcement have searched the building, and haven't found any explosive devices. The Walmart has reopened for business.

"At 10:18 am this morning we had a bomb threat come in via the phone," Walmart store manager Joey Marx said.  "At that point in time we did our procedures on evacuating the building as quickly as possible."

Witnesses tell CBS 58 they were shopping, and an announcement ordered everyone to leave the building. We're told this happened around 10:00 a.m.

Walmart shopper Aaron Redmond said, "[I was] in the line. Somebody told me its a blue code. I said I don't know nothing about no blue code. That was it. They said a bomb threat and that was it. That's all I know. Had my groceries, had my bag and my stuff to go to work with and that was it."

This isn't the first time this same Walmart location had a bomb threat. A bomb threat was called in on July 13, 2013.

The caller allegedly warned there was a bomb at the store.  They also said they had just five minutes to get out.

"We had the building evacuated in three to four minutes," Marx said.

It sent shoppers and Walmart workers to the exits.  Many waiting around for more than two hours as bomb sniffing dogs and police searched.

The West Milwaukee Police Chief says they're working with Walmart and the phone company to try and trace the phone call.  It's too early to speculate but the person could face felony charges if caught.


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