Marquette students attend mass in honor of Pope Benedict XVI


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- Mass at St. Joan Arc Chapel on Marquette's campus on Pope Benedict's last day focused on his legacy and looked forward to what's next for the Catholic Church.

The retirement of one pope and the hire of a new one affects all 1.2 billion Catholics around the world. Father Steven Avella at Marquette University says, "Since the Pope is a central figure in Roman Catholicism, this is an insecure moment. Where are we going to go? Who's going to come next?"

Those questions will surround the catholic church until a new pope is elected. Marquette University's mid-day mass honored Pope Benedict and looked forward. Marquette Junior Addie Danchisin says, "I really want to see a change in the people, especially the young people in the church. I want to see them really step up, and I want the Pope to embrace that." She feels getting more people involved could help the new pope and the church as a whole.

Marquette Sophomore Anthony Serrecchia attended mass between classes. He said, "Many Catholics have lost their faith over the years. I'm hoping the new Pope who will take up the position will be more accepting of people who aren't as dedicated. Or who haven't been with their faith for the past however many years. I'm looking forward to a lot more people joining the faith and embracing it."


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