As Oak Creek temple members prayed, another mass shooting

Three dead at a town hall in PA, while six local victims were remembered


by Michele McCormack

OAK CREEK -- As hundreds gathered to remember the victims of the mass shooting at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin one year ago, came the news of another gunman roaming a public place and opening fire.

Family members who lost loved ones on August 5, 2012 probably had no idea as they prayed for peace and healing that a new round of victims and family members were just starting to experience what they've been going through for a year now.

Authorities in Monroe County, about 75 miles outside of Philadelphia, say a man opened fire killing two on the scene during a regularly scheduled township meeting. They confirmed a third fatality about an hour later. Several others received critical injuries. Another person is said to have suffered a heart attack.

Initial reports say the gunman had a pistol and some sort of scope. He was also hurt and was in custody.

He was tackled by a local official and shot by his own gun.

His motive appears to be a property dispute for which he had been at odds with the township board for a year.

As this carnage unfolded, hundreds gathered in prayer and remembrance for the six Sikh Temple worshipers lost to a lone gunman who was involved in the white power movement.

Pardep Kaleeka who's father was murdered told the hushed crowd, " I want to thank you from the
 bottom of my heart because it's difficult for me to be up here and emcee when today was the day that I found out my father was murdered."

Family members from victims of two mass shootings that happened after the temple shooting also spoke.

Jillian Soto who lost a sister in the Newtown School massacre said, "My sister is more than just a statistic, a number, a name. My sister is Victoria Soto a teacher who died protecting her kids "

Elvin Daniel who lost his sister Zina at the salon shooting in Brookfield also fought back tears, "We will make sure they did not die in vain, we will make sure that we will pay tribute to them by making this country safer."


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