Afraid to Fly?


by WDJT Graphics

MILWAUKEE- There are many people around the world who find the thought of flying on an air plane to terrifying.

To help people like this Milwaukee County's General Mitchell International Airport holds a fear of flying class twice a year.

The class is held every Saturday for three hours in either October or February.

Dr. Michael Tomaro,a Milwaukee Aviation Psychologist and Certified Flight Instructor, teaches the class with help from his assistant Matt, a fellow pilot.

He has been with the class since the start, which was 25 years ago.

The fear of flying program is the longest running publicly supported program in the world according to Dr. Tomaro.

This February was the 51st class, which helped 10 new students.

Each class focuses on how an air plane actually works and how a person can relax their muscles to make the experience better.

The class does not claim to "cure" a fearful flyer, but it does give a person to the tools to help them get to that point.

On the final day of class the students take a short commercial flight, it's called the graduation flight.

In the most recent class, seven of the ten students got on the plane. Two didn't show up and one didn't get on.

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