VIDEO: Surveillance video of shooting death shown in John Spooner trial


by Katie Hustad
by Chris Patterson

***WARNING! GRAPHIC VIDEO ABOVE! SURVEILLANCE VIDEO IS RAW AND UNCUT***(Video can only be viewed from computer. Mobile devices aren't supported)

MILWAUKEE -- The trial of 76-year-old John Spooner, the man accused of killing 13-year-old Darius Simmons, wrapped up today with a guilty verdict. The court heard arguments from attorneys and gripping testimony from Patricia Larry, the mother of Darius Simmons.

Spooner was the victim of several home burglaries, and believed Simmons was behind at least one of those burglaries. Court documents say Spooner confronted Simmons with a firearm as the teen attempted to pull in a garbage bin from the street curb.

It was revealed in court that the incident was caught on video by one of Spooner's personal surveillance cameras. Our Laura Rodriguez says some family members were in tears after the clip was played twice for the jurors.

Larry took the stand and talked about seeing her son shot and killed. "He told him he was going to teach him not to steal, and he shot him," said Larry.

Video of Spooner's interrogation by police was also shown in court today. The video did show the Spooner admitting to shooting the 13-year-old, because he wanted his guns back.

Spooner could spend the rest of his life in prison.


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