21-year-old woman stabbed to death in broad daylight


by Matt Doyle

Milwaukee -- Shirley Eskridge was walking to the store when she was stabbed to death near 39th & Lloyd in Milwaukee Saturday.

"They say they was going to the store around here on 38th street...."

Shirley Moe can't hold back the emotions.

"I'm shocked, I'm numb."

Her youngest daughter, 21-year-old Shirley Eskridge, was stabbed to death Saturday afternoon near 39th and Lloyd in Milwaukee.

"I was at work. I got a call. They said my baby was laying down in the street and it didn't look like she was going to make it."

Eskridge was apparently walking down the sidewalk near 39th and Lloyd when she got in a confrontation with another woman. 

"They had a confrontation, the girl ran and came back with a knife and stabbed her."

Moe says she was stabbed at least three times.  Blood covered the grass as investigators pieced it all together. 

"I'm numb. I just never thought I would be on this corner and them getting my baby up off the ground deceased."

Moe says she thinks the woman who killed her daughter is from the neighborhood.

"It's a big loss to me and my family, my loved ones and friends and it's a loss to her family as well. Because now they have lost a daughter as well as I have. It's no win, in this situation for no family."

Eskridge planned to go back to school this fall.

"Her smile. I'm going to miss my baby's smile. I just left her this morning when I went to work. Looked at her, I love you, see you tonight when I get home. That was the last time I seen my daughter."

Now her mother is left without "My best, best friend."

Moe said the police caught the person who stabbed Eskridge. However, Milwaukee Police have not confirmed that.


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