Milwaukee Man Wants Justice for Homeless Battery Victim


by Elizabeth Fay

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee Man is giving a voice to a homeless person who was badly beaten and left for dead. Robert Braun of the community group Stop the Violence spent Saturday morning handing out flyers with 45-year-old Shawn Blough's photo.

Braun wants to bring attention to a Blough's case which has puzzled police. According to a police report, in March of last year, a Milwaukee Police Officer was driving in the 2900 block of West Clybourn and spotted Blough laying on the ground unresponsive, alone and bleeding from his head.

Police interviewed nearly a dozen people, searched for fingerprints and asked around for surveillance video, without any luck. Investigators snapped photos of the scene, and inventoried bloody shards of glass, some of Blough's clothes and the $2.25 he had in his pocket. The police report ends with a comment "to interview the victim when he regains consciousness," however, Braun says Blough was so badly beaten he lost his ability to speak."The guy can only talk by move his fingerings and blinking his eyes. That's how bad of shape he is in," says Braun.

Braun says Blough was down on his luck but deserves justice. "Nobody cares cause he is homeless." But he cares and hopes someone else will too. "We hope someone is loving, comes forward with some information."

Milwaukee Police say they have no leads in the case but urge anyone with information to call MPD.




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