Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tech News

Protest organizers refute notions about outsiders
Wisconsin Jobs Now said demonstrators were local

Preview of Red Arrow Park rally
as seen on the CBS 58 morning news

It's official! Apple sets event for Sept. 9
Apple has set Sept. 9 as the date for a big announcement.

Packers fans celebrate victory over Raiders at Leff's Lucky Town
from the CBS 58 News at 10

CBS 58's Packers Tailgate Special
Michele McCormack with fans at Leff's Lucky Town sports bar

More recollections of James Foley
from the CBS 58 News at 10

Fellowship Open honors baseball Hall of Famer Frank Robinson
from the CBS 58 News at Noon

Mentoring young people in the name of fellowship
MPS student get to meet civil rights leaders at annual golf outing

MPS students cross same bridge where bloody Sunday happened
Arts at Large project getting special honors at Fellowship Open

MPS students puts civil rights journey in poem
from the CBS 58 News at Noon