State Republicans propose limitations on absentee voting


by Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE -- In-person absentee voting used to run for three weeks in Wisconsin including three full weekends and the Monday before the election. In 2011, Republicans in the state legislature cut that down to two weeks and one weekend. Now, state Republicans are proposing additional limits on early voting and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is one of many crying foul.

Assembly bill 54 would eliminate early voting on weekends, and limit the hours on weekdays. It was introduced by a number of Republicans including State Representative Duhey Stroebel from Saukville. We asked Stroebel about Mayor Barrett's accusation of voter suppression. Rep. Stroebel said, "This bill does nothing of the sort."

Stroebel says it's unfair that voters in Milwaukee get to absentee vote until seven or eight at night, while most other municipalities don't have that same option.

More than 36,000 people voted early in the City of Milwaukee for the November election.


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