County Executive Chris Abele's budget supports MPD's shotspotter


by Matt Doyle

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele talked taxes, mental health, county pools, public safety and more while introducing his budget proposal.

He addressed the county board this morning with his budget outline. 

He talked about closing and remodeling some county pools which seemed to draw ire from the county board chairwoman and others.

Abele says he's not raising taxes on people. 

Another issue is mental health.  He outlined his plan to spend almost $5 million on a community-based mental health system.  One goal is to move people from institutions back closer to where they live.

Public safety is a big part of it. Abele stepped forward with more than $300,000 to support the Milwaukee Police Department's shotspotter system.  It was a program that lost funding in the state budget.  He says this is a one-time item for the county.

"The city is in the county," Abele said.  "We're all the same voters. We're all the same taxpayers. We all care about public safety. If we can make an investment that is going to benefit a lot of people in the county - how we do it to me is less important than that we do it. If we work together we're more likely to get to better outcomes than if we work apart."

The board will review the budget. It has to be past in early November.


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