Governor Walker proposes tuition freeze at public colleges


by Chris Patterson

GREEN BAY -- Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is proposing at two-year tuition freeze for the University of Wisconsin system, the first tuition freeze of its kind since 1971.

"Tuition at four-year institutions in the UW System has increased by at least 5.5% every year since 2001, far surpassing the rate of inflation," says Walker. "In this budget, we included a two-year tuition freeze to lighten the load for students and their families. They deserve a break."

Governor Walker met with UW-Green Bay students and faculty to talk about tuition concerns. UW-Green Bay student Burgandy Brockman says, "After seeing my tuition costs go up year after year, this freeze is a much-needed break and it definitely helps me out."

According to the Governor's Office, Governor Walker plans to meet with more students across the UW System in the near future.


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