Federal court dismisses legal challenge to Act 10


by Chris Patterson

WISCONSIN -- A federal court dismisses a lawsuit filed by labor unions against Act 10, also known as the Budget Repair Bill. ALF-CIO and Laborers Local 236 filed a lawsuit against Governor Scott Walker claiming his budget repair bill is unconstitutional.

Earlier this year, a federal appeals court ruled Act 10 constitutional after judgement from a lower court ruling the law unconstitutional.

Act 10 was at the heart of large-scale protests at the capitol building in Madison. Public workers from around the state spent several days protesting to stop the passage of the constroversial Act 10. 

In a statement, Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen said: 

"This case proves, once again, that Act 10 is constitutional in all respects and that the challenges to the law are baseless. I appreciate decisions like this sthat follow the law, and I look forward to bringing the remaining state court challenges before the Wisconsin Supreme Court, where we expect Act 10 to be upheld once again."

Wisconsin AFL-CIO also released a reaction to the federal ruling saying in part:

"This is a disappointing ruling for all workers in the State of Wisconsin. In America, workers have the right to join a union, and with one stroke of his pen Gov. Walker decimated that right. Act 10 always has and always will infringe upon a worker's right to collective bargaining and democracy in the workplace..."


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