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Federal appeals court allows Wisconsin to enforce Voter ID laws

The United States Seventh District Court of Appeals has lifted the hold on Wisconsin's Voter ID law passed by a Republican-controlled state legislature in 2011. Read more »

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U.S. Court of Appeals stikes down Wisconsin gay marriage ban

The Seventh District U.S. Court of Appeals has ruled both the Wisconsin and Indiana gay marriage ban unconstitutional. Read More »

Obama blames the media for public perception of economy

As President Obama battles slumping poll numbers and multiple world crises, twice in the past few days he has laid part of the blame for an anxious public at the feet of the media. Read More »

President Obama touts strong economy at Laborfest

President Barack Obama told a large union audience in Wisconsin on Monday that while "Republicans in Congress love to say no," he is the one who "placed a bet on America's workers." Read More »


Should employers be able to ask applicants for social media log in information?

  • Yes
  • No