Wednesday, August 20, 2014

National News

Seven-year-old boy turns in mother for cooking meth
A seven-year-old Florida boy turned in his mother for doing "something bad".

Let's seek to heal,' Obama says as Ferguson braces for another night
The Ferguson, Missouri, police officer who killed Michael Brown says the teenager rushed at him full speed in the moments before the shooting, according to an account phoned in to a St. Louis radio station and confirmed as accurate by a source with detailed knowledge of the investigation.

Tennessee man kills 2 of his children, one was able to escape
6-year-old Lupita Gomez and 24-year-old Gustavo Gomez were shot by their father, 42-year-old Abel Gomez.

Girl, 3, dies after Maryland gunbattle involving driver, police
2 suspects arrested in kidnapping of Amish girls in New York state
Looting, tensions dash tenuous peace in Ferguson's streets
Darren Wilson, officer in Ferguson shooting, had no prior disciplinary record
Darren Wilson was just one of 53 officers in a small-town police department until his encounter with a unarmed teenager on a street in a St. Louis suburb.

Missouri governor: Highway patrol will direct security in Ferguson
State troopers are taking over security in Ferguson, Missouri, after days of clashes between local police and protesters.

What we know about Michael Brown's shooting
It's a case of he said, he said. The accounts of why a police officer fatally shot Michael Brown on a street in Ferguson, Missouri, on Saturday couldn't be more disparate.

Obama: 'Now's the time for healing' in Ferguson, Missouri
President Barack Obama spoke with Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon on Thursday, sharing his concerns about recent violence in Ferguson after the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by a police officer.