VIRAL VIDEO: Meteorologist mistakenly eats cat vomit on-air


by Chris Patterson

Rocky Hill, CT (WFSB) -- WFSB meteorologist Scot Haney made an unexpected discovery when he thought what he was eating off the studio floor was cereal, but turned out to be something worse.

On Wednesday morning, Haney had eaten Grape-Nuts for breakfast earlier in the day. He discovered what he thought were a few leftover pieces of cereal that had fallen on the floor.
Haney ate them live on television in front of his co-anchors, much to their dismay.
"I can't believe you just ate that," said WFSB Anchor Irene O'Connor.
"You can't," said WFSB morning traffic reporter Olessa Stepanova, responding to O'Connor's previous comment.
"It was a little soggy," Haney said after finishing the mouthful. "They taste like shoes."
After finishing the bite, his co-anchors called him "crazy" and the program continued.
"I think that may be dog doodie," Haney said. 
Later in the show, Haney made a realization during the Trending Now segment of the program.
"Those were not Grape-Nuts that I ate," Haney said.
Haney realized what he had eaten was in fact cat vomit, not Grape-Nuts.
He then told everyone what he had just learned. Haney said at some point his cat threw up, he stepped in it and the vomit got on his shoe.
"And that's what I ate," Haney said. "I thought it was Grape-Nuts. I ate cat vomit right here on television. It's disgusting." 
Haney went on to say that he was going to be sick and his co-anchors said they would be too.