Surveillance video of Navy Yard gunman

investigators believe Aaron Alexis was on a suicide mission


by Michele McCormack

WASHINGTON D.C.-Surveillance video shows 34 year old Aaron Alexis prowling the third and fourth floors looking for people to shoot.

Investigators still don't think he targeted anyone in particular last week when he killed 12 before being killed in a shoot out with police.

The FBI says it may never know exactly why he did it, but it says it does now the mindset when he entered.

"There are indicators that Alexis was prepared to die during the attack and he accepted death as the inevitable consequence of his actions." That was part of the statement given by  Valerie Parlave of the FBI on Wednesday.

The shotgun he used was sawed off on both ends.

One side has the phrase "Not what ya'll say" scratched on it.

The barrel had the words "end to the torment."

On a third side he had scratched the words "better off this way, my elf weapon."

"Alexis held a delusional belief that he was being controlled or influenced by extremely low frequency or elf electromagnetic waves," Parlave explained.