In the cart? Maybe a hint about Romney's pick


by Laura Matovina

WOLFEBORO, N.H. (AP) -- Even Mitt Romney's shopping cart turns into a clue when trying to solve the political world's biggest mystery.

The Republican presidential candidate stopped by a supermarket near his New Hampshire vacation home Monday to buy cases of water, Wild Cherry Pepsi and Greek yogurt.

Romney told reporters he had some guests. When asked whether the visitors might include potential running mates, Romney just laughed.

The former Massachusetts governor has repeatedly shrugged off questions about his vice presidential selection. But as the clock winds down before this month's Republican National Convention, political observers are grasping at the slightest hint -- even what's in his grocery bags.

People instantly began speculating on Twitter -- half-jokingly -- about the yogurt and soda preferences of those on the short list of potential running mates.