Ex-Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick gets 28 years in prison


by Chris Patterson

(CNN) -- Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick on Thursday was sentenced to 28 years in prison after he was convicted in March of two dozen federal charges.

The charges include racketeering, extortion and the filing of false tax returns. He was accused of using the mayor's office to enrich himself and associates.
Before he was sentenced, Kilpatrick apologized in court.
"I say with every morsel of my being that I'm sorry to you," he said
Judge Nancy G. Edmunds noted the apology, and remarked that he was showing "more awareness than I have seen along the way."
But she said "a long prison sentence is necessary to insulate the public from his behavior."
"That way of business is over. We're done. We're moving forward.," she said.